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Gmail Scam

Yes, I have broadened my range of writing to also accomodate public service announcements.  A while back I received this email …


I’d like to think I’m pretty aware when it comes to email scams, things like the Nigerian prince, USA Federal agent who claims to have my 1.5 million USD in a suitcase and even the paypal scam was pretty easy to spot.  This takes it to a whole new level though.  The email that sent this to me is no-reply@accounts.google.com.  When I saw this I immediately thought that this may have been a legit email.   I have received legitimate emails from google telling me of suspicious sign ins to my account and they have all checked out.  Everything in the email looks about the same as the legitimate ones, in fact in an article I read some people STILL didn’t believe that this was a scam …

Sorry Barry Kelly, but I think you lose this time.  Here’s the thing, I don’t even own a gmail account chris230889@gmail.com, I have a gmail account but that’s not even close to the real thing.  That email is logical, because chris230889 is the handle to my hotmail account, and most people use the same handle when it comes to these things, I’m just a bit weird so I like to change things up.  

Naturally the error they made in my email address rang alarm bells so I decided to do a bit of digging around.  A security researcher at malware.ru found that clicking on the links will take you to an online phishing site hosted http://www.privacy.google-settings.com and while it may look pretty legit it isn’t actually owned by google.  Instead it’s owned by “Aksnes Thomas” (sic) from Sweden with the email address aksnes.thomas@yahoo.com.  The phishing site’s source contains the email address valsowrom@gmail.co which the researcher believes could be the scammer’s real email address.

And if ll that went right over your head, the important thing to do is DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS.  If you feel paranoid and think that it was a legitimate Google email, just sign into your account as you normally would and change your password.  

Now that I have successfully made you all educated, aware and highly paranoid, here’s a soothing photo of my beautiful girlfriend handfeeding baby goats to calm the nerves.

Olympus OM-D E-M5, 12-50mm, Sydney Royal Easter Show

8 Things You Need to Know About the Canon 1Dx

Well, looks like Christmas came early for all you canon folks 🙂

For quite a long time I had been looking forward to the November 3 “historical” announcement by Canon set in Hollywood.  All of a sudden news of a new Canon flagship hits the internet like a steam train.  I’m not going to regurgitate all the articles and research that is already available on the internet, even being the Canon user that I am I found it hard to read it all without falling asleep.  Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet and list the important things I got out of reading and talking to Canon reps.

#1 It replaces BOTH the 1D MkIV and 1Ds MkIII

#2 THREE processors, THREE!  Dual Digic5 (supposedly 17x faster than a Digic4) for all the usual processing and what not.  As well as a Digic4 (yes the little brother still makes an appearance) for the sole purpose of auto focus.  Based on that alone, unless Canon stuffs up BIG TIME, this machine should be able to lock onto Keanu Reeves in the Matrix while not sounding like R2D2 with a spastic colon.

#3 Full frame 18MP sensor.  To me, that was quite surprising since we all know Canon have a history of cranking up the Megapixel count (sometimes at the expense of high ISO performance) Examples include the 600D with 18MP, G10 with 14MP, 5D2 with 21MP.  I for one am glad that they refrained from shoving 35MP into this flagship.  If you can’t do it with 18MP you’re doing it wrong.

#4 Shoots RAW + JPEG at 12FPS, JPEG at 14FPS.  Again, if you can’t get the shot with 12FPS you’re kind of retarded.  Correction, if you can’t get that decisive moment with 6FPS you’re retarded, albeit a little bit less (… no offense to those who can’t)

#5 Native ISO range of 100-51200.  Also allows L which is 50 ISO, H1 which is 102400, and H2 which is 204800.  Let’s think, if it’s so dark are you sure you should be taking photos?  Either way, I’m impressed.

#6 Shoots Full HD video 1920x1080p at either 24/25fps for up to 30mins.  Big up compared to my 5D MkII which does that resolution for up to 12mins (or something like that).  1D-x also boasts the best video performance by any Canon DSLR, so for those of you who are amazed at 7D, 5D2 video, be prepared to have your mind blown.

#7 PRICE! This thing is CHEAP!  Considering the 1Ds MkIII had a RRP of $12000AUS, this is supposed to be roughly $7000.  All of a sudden this camera is looking more and more attractive aye? Yea, I thought so too.

#8 Photographers around the world approve 🙂  e.g. fashion photog Peter Coulson.

As usual there’s the expected tank like build quality and weather seals.  An intuitive set of controls that will be familiar to Canon users 60D and above.  This truly is a camera built for professionals, it looks, talks, and walks LIKE A BOSS.

For more info check out dpreview, canon website or just google the damn thing.  As if you needed any more convincing 🙂

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