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The Truth About Sony a7/a7R Light Leaks

Sony a7


So here’s the deal, Sony admits there is a problem and most of us have seen examples of the problem, yet I still think everybody is overreacting.

If you haven’t heard, in simple terms, the lenses aren’t sealing well enough onto the mount of the Sony a7/a7r and under ridiculous (yes ridiculous) conditions will show that there is light leaking into your photo through the mount.  Here is an example of such leakage …

Sony a7 Light leak
Sony a7 Light leak

This is where it gets ridiculous and I think most people are being picky.  Yes the leak is pretty bad, yes a camera in the class of the Sony a7/a7R should not have these issues and yes nobody paid $2000 for this.  The photo above was achieved with these settings: ISO 25600, 20secs exposure.  On top of that the presence of a bright light source (flash, sun etc) needs to be in the area.

Let me just give you all a few minutes to let that sink in.  Think back on your photographic journey and tell me about the last time you took a LONG exposure photo at ISO 25600 under bright conditions. Let me guess, you can’t?  Neither can I, I do stupid shit with my camera just because I feel like it and I cannot find an example where I have personally used those settings (or anything along those lines). I have done 90sec exposures at ISO 100 in moderate lighting, 3min exposures at ISO 400 in the dark but nothing like the type of exposure required to bring out this light leak.

Anyway it’s not like this issue doesn’t happen in other cameras either, have a quick scroll through this site bringing up leaks in various DSLR’s.  So if you were thinking about buying a Sony a7 or a7R and this light leak issue is putting you off … don’t be that guy, nobody likes that guy, especially if you’re a hipster wannabe who adds light leaks to your instagram photos because clean images are too mainstream.

Neutral Bay, iPhone, Snapseed
Neutral Bay, iPhone, Snapseed

– Chris

P.S. Yes I acknowledge there are some of you who do encounter this problem in your field of work, my advice to you is to bring a DSLR.

8 Things You Need to Know About the Canon 1Dx

Well, looks like Christmas came early for all you canon folks 🙂

For quite a long time I had been looking forward to the November 3 “historical” announcement by Canon set in Hollywood.  All of a sudden news of a new Canon flagship hits the internet like a steam train.  I’m not going to regurgitate all the articles and research that is already available on the internet, even being the Canon user that I am I found it hard to read it all without falling asleep.  Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet and list the important things I got out of reading and talking to Canon reps.

#1 It replaces BOTH the 1D MkIV and 1Ds MkIII

#2 THREE processors, THREE!  Dual Digic5 (supposedly 17x faster than a Digic4) for all the usual processing and what not.  As well as a Digic4 (yes the little brother still makes an appearance) for the sole purpose of auto focus.  Based on that alone, unless Canon stuffs up BIG TIME, this machine should be able to lock onto Keanu Reeves in the Matrix while not sounding like R2D2 with a spastic colon.

#3 Full frame 18MP sensor.  To me, that was quite surprising since we all know Canon have a history of cranking up the Megapixel count (sometimes at the expense of high ISO performance) Examples include the 600D with 18MP, G10 with 14MP, 5D2 with 21MP.  I for one am glad that they refrained from shoving 35MP into this flagship.  If you can’t do it with 18MP you’re doing it wrong.

#4 Shoots RAW + JPEG at 12FPS, JPEG at 14FPS.  Again, if you can’t get the shot with 12FPS you’re kind of retarded.  Correction, if you can’t get that decisive moment with 6FPS you’re retarded, albeit a little bit less (… no offense to those who can’t)

#5 Native ISO range of 100-51200.  Also allows L which is 50 ISO, H1 which is 102400, and H2 which is 204800.  Let’s think, if it’s so dark are you sure you should be taking photos?  Either way, I’m impressed.

#6 Shoots Full HD video 1920x1080p at either 24/25fps for up to 30mins.  Big up compared to my 5D MkII which does that resolution for up to 12mins (or something like that).  1D-x also boasts the best video performance by any Canon DSLR, so for those of you who are amazed at 7D, 5D2 video, be prepared to have your mind blown.

#7 PRICE! This thing is CHEAP!  Considering the 1Ds MkIII had a RRP of $12000AUS, this is supposed to be roughly $7000.  All of a sudden this camera is looking more and more attractive aye? Yea, I thought so too.

#8 Photographers around the world approve 🙂  e.g. fashion photog Peter Coulson.

As usual there’s the expected tank like build quality and weather seals.  An intuitive set of controls that will be familiar to Canon users 60D and above.  This truly is a camera built for professionals, it looks, talks, and walks LIKE A BOSS.

For more info check out dpreview, canon website or just google the damn thing.  As if you needed any more convincing 🙂

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