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Lowepro Pro Runner 450AW

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been looking at getting a new camera bag to replace my Lowepro Flipside 400AW.  The Flipside is a great bag, but ever since I bought a couple of new lenses it got a bit cramped.

I was tossing up between:
– Lowepro Vertex 200AW
– Lowepro Computrekker Plus
– Pro Runner 350AW/450AW

I needed the new camera bag to be able to carry EVERYTHING, all my camera gear and a laptop as well as filters and chargers for when I’m travelling.  The other important thing was it needed to be cabin compatible for carry-on luggage in international flights.  All those bags fit the criteria, but based on info gathered from the Lowepro site as well as nearly every forum out there, I decided to get the Pro Runner 450AW.

Here are the specific dimensions from the Lowepro product page
12.2W x 6.7D x 18.5H in.
31 x 17 x 47 cm
13.4W x 11.4D x 19.9H in.
34 x 29 x 50.5 cm

Photos taken with my LX-3

As you can see, the bag is one of the more low profile bags in the list.  The bag isn’t huge, it’s about the same size as the Kata Bumblebee and a bit bigger than the Lowepro Classified 250AW (which I also use).  One thing you will notice straight away though, is the immense depth of the bag (more obvious when you see the internal photos).  From the front there isn’t much going on, nice and simple with a couple of sliplocks for the tripod carrier.  The waist straps can be hidden away into the back of the bag, which I love since I rarely use those straps and they tend to get in the way in large crowds.  You can see one of the handles on the side view (also one on the top) for easy movement in and out of storage compartments.  There is also a laptop compartment to fit a 17in Macbook Pro, my Alienware M11x fits in there quite easily.


In a quick arrangement of the interior padding (completely customisable), you can see this bag has plenty of room for gear.  There are still a couple of spaces that I haven’t use up, and I could have easily added another gripped body onto the end of the 70-200.  This bag is designed to hold Pro bodies or gripped bodies, measuring roughly 6.5in deep in the gear compartment.


A nice touch is the shoulder strap supports which keep the bag as close to your back as possible (this is important when you carry so much gear).  You can also see the tripod holder, and the hidden compartment for the all weather cover.

With all the camera gear inside it, the bag weighed in at about 10-11kg, but as soon as you put it on your back you can hardly feel the weight.  I would gladly go trekking with a full load in this bag for a whole day.  If the zippers used in this bag was the same as those used in the Vertex 200AW it would easily rank as one of the best bags that Lowepro have ever made, but you can’t have it all for such a low price.  Overall, 9/10, I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to transport a large amount of gear for holidays/photoshoots/day-trips.