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Wollongong iPhoned

Alright since I’m on the road I decided to try out the iPhone app for wordpress.
Seems to be a decent app except I don’t get a much customization to where I put the photos.

At this moment I’m still in Wollongong, just came from climbing some sharp rocks at the kiama blowhole and Nan-Tien temple at the gong.

Hmm just drove past Win stadium while looking for a lighthouse.

I’ll post some photos from the 5D when I get a chance.

Long Reef sunrise


Part of a sunrise shoot at Long Reef, located in the Northern beaches near Warriewood.  There are plenty of rocks which make for interesting subjects and foreground.  Coupled with long exposures and good light, and most shots tend to turn out pretty good.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkII
Lens: TS-E 24mm f3.5L II
A 15sec exposure was used, aided by my Cokin graduated ND8 filter.  It was took dark to use my B+W 10 stop ND, that would have led to shutter speeds in the range of minutes.  The tide was a bit too unpredictable for me to be standing in the same spot for that long.  The actual sunrise wasn’t the greatest, but even then I still got the right type of light for some of the shots I wanted. 

Hit the polls and tell me which beach is your favourite to photograph (at any time).

Trying old things

A ridiculously long shutter speed doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great photo.  A really long exposure such as 30s will often provide that dreamy, foggy look caused by movement of water.  That type of image does not always give information on the movement and direction of water. 

So I tried something different


These photos were taken in quick succession with shutter speeds of roughly 2-3s.  In this particular situation I think it turned out much better than the image I took with a 30s exposure.  To tell you the truth I could have stayed at that exact spot for the whole day taking these photos.  Maybe next time I’ll go back and put a time lapse video together Smile