Living With Pigeons

If you don’t already know, Sara and I have been raising two abandoned pigeons since we found them on our balcony on a rainy Christmas Eve.  Here is a small snippet of a day with those fluffballs with skinny legs … all photos taken with iPhone 5s, edited with camera+.

Hi there, I see you’re watching Game of Thrones, mind if I join?

Oh wait, what’s this?!  And can I eat it?

Argh I don’t care, it’s mine anyway.

Wait, what are you doing dad?

If you try to steal this remote I swear I’ll bite your fingers off!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Told you.

You know what? I don’t even care, I’m tired now.

Get as close to me as you like, I’m seriously going to sleep.  Stop staring at my partially molted face feathers!

Zzzzzzz …

Bingo “Why does Boots get all the attention?”

No, I don’t actually want to play, I just wanted the attention and now I’m going to casually groom myyself on your knee, thanks.

On second thoughts, I’m tired too … zzzz.

Fun and exciting times on my day off work!  Boots and Bingo say hi to alll you readers out there!